9 Simple Tips To Make You A Happy Person

Life is full of ups and downs, there are times we just don't feel happy for a number of reasons. Remember life itself is a rollercoaster, you have to roll with it and adjust accordingly. How you feel inside is usually demonstrated in your character and day to day activities. It’s hard to hide unhappiness, and this can possibly ruin relationships or people might perceive you the wrong way.
Now the question is how do you become happy and stay happy?  You have to be open to change, it all starts with your ability to improve your thinking and striving to get better day in day out

 Here are 9 simple tips to help you become and stay happy :

How To Incorporate Avocado Into Your Meals

Being a mom, I am always looking for ways to get my kids to eat healthy meals and I also end up eating them too. Kids hate green fruits or vegetables, but I have to find ways to incorporate these healthy foods into our daily meals. This post is all about avocado which in my opinion, is the superfood for adults and kids.

Avocado is one of my favorite fruits to eat as snacks or add to food recipes, it has a creamy texture and tastes delicious. Avocado is from a tree called Persea Americana, it is said to have originated from South Central Mexico. It is high in fatty acids but low in calories, it gives you close to 20 vitamins. There are many types of avocado, but the most popular one found in the market or grocery store is called Hass Avocado.

5 Places Where Your Child Can Play For Free

Kids get bored easily when they stay at home for a long period of time, they love to explore and visit new places. It is important to give them change of scenery every now and then. If you are looking for ideas on where your kids can play for free, read on.

Learning center :

Here in Ontario Canada, we have a learning center we call 'The Early Years Center'. They have various programs for kids between the age 0month to 6years old. I take my kids to programs tailored to their age group. They do have a program for infants but I started taking my son when he was 3 months old. They also have drop-in programs called family times, this is when you can bring your child in to play and explore the various toys, writing materials, craft materials, painting and so on. This center also gives you the opportunity to meet new moms and make new friends too. Check your area to see if you have something like this in your community.

7 Tips To Help Achieve New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions are easy to write down, it's not really hard to list your goals or what you want to achieve this new year. Now the real problem is achieving these goals, while some might get to achieve their goals a bit easier, others will find it a lot harder to achieve even one goal on their list.

Here are 7 tips to help you achieve your new year resolutions:

1. Make it your own goal: Don't just make new year resolutions because everyone else is making one. Think thoroughly, what do you want to change or improve on? don't live someone else's dream. Your goals should not really be based on someone else's definition of you except it is what you really want too. Some people draw up their goals based on their friend's goals or because they just want to meet up with someone else expectations. These goals are likely to fail because there is nothing personal about your goals. Make the goals personal, make it your goals!