5 Steps To Successfully Compete With Yourself Instead of Others

We as humans always strive to be nothing but the best, when we see others doing better we begin to think consciously or unconsciously about achieving their kind of success. There is nothing wrong with trying to be successful like others, what is wrong is the way we go about it.

So many people see everything as a competition, they compete with others just to get ahead of them. This kind of desire or feeling usually makes people feel miserable because all they do is compete and everytime their competitors are ahead they feel more miserable. 

Competition should not be about others, it should be about you. Work on being a better person, focus on yourself and work ahead towards your goals not that of others. People in competition with others are always bitter but people in competition with themselves are always better.

Here are 5 steps to successfully compete with yourself instead of others:

1. Start by valuing yourself, know your worth and decide what your goals are. What do you need to work on? How can you improve your lifestyle? How can you experience a better life? Make this changes or competition all about you and you only.

2. Begin your journey with the easiest goal, this will encourage you to do more. Work your way up and keep getting better, little results matters so enjoy your easy results. A better you will be more happy and enthusiastic, so continue to work on becoming better.

3. Stay true to yourself, when you are falling behind check your goals again and don't be dragged away from your main focus. Failure does happen and when it does, step back and re-evaluate learn from it and move on.

4. Avoid distractions as much as you can, when you start getting a bit of success. Distraction will come and you will be tempted but stay focus on your goals, don't get carried away by the success of others or get dragged into competing against them instead of yourself.

5. See your competition as a form of motivation, when you feel your goals are too difficult to achieve. If they can do it so can you, nothing is impossible, change or tweak your approach if possible. Remember that you might not grow as fast as they did, but it is your life and you can grow at your own pace. Continue to challenge yourself to become better, always compete with your old self and you will keep growing and achieving your goals.


  1. I LOVE the quote- I think it's a great reminder of self-motivation and being intrinsically motivated instead of waiting for something else to push you forward. LOVE this!

  2. Love this shift in mindset so easy to fall in patterns of negative thinking

  3. People in competition with themselves are always BETTER! I love this so much!

  4. Love this post a lot. I focus on my own competition which is myself. It keeps me grounded. Competing with others is a waste of time.

  5. You should always strive to be better for yourself instead of constantly comparing yourself to others!