Lifestyle That Pleases You or Others?

I came across a twitter post screenshot on my Facebook feed recently, I can't remember by who though. It says "If you know how fast people forget the dead, you won't live to please people." Few hours after reading this post, it kept coming back to my head. And I thought about life and how most people carry on their entire life with the sole aim of pleasing people.

My first and only piece of advice to everyone reading this is to live your life the way you want, don't stereotype yourself or live by society's standards. You can develop your own way of life and live in a way that pleases your soul, the fact is if you live by the way others expect of you or live the way that pleases you, the result is the same. Some people will love you, while some will hate you for your chosen lifestyle. So why don't you just do you, and live the way you want.