New year resolutions yay or nay?

Every new year, the first thing that comes to the mind of a lot of people is new year resolutions, while this is amazing to have, it usually get abandoned within the first 2 months by a majority of people.

I personally like to have plans for the year, I don't call them new year resolutions. I just see them as my goals, I plan them accordingly, to keep me on track and also to know if it is realistic at one point or do I need to make changes.

People these days see new year resolutions as useless since it usually gets abandoned early. It is not the resolution that matters but the goal, you need to know what your goals are every year. It doesn't have to be a new goal, it could be a continuation of what you planned the previous year or it could be something you failed at and you are willing to try again. Never give up on your goals, but you can always change your plan to get to your goal.

I am a positive minded person and a strong advocate of self-love, my advise to everyone this new year is to try your possible best to invest in yourself. Work on loving yourself more, put yourself out there and grab every opportunity that comes your way. Don't let failure stop you, let your target be impressing yourself and not others. Become a better person that you were the previous week, month or year. Be your own competition and never give up on yourself.

Spread love and positivity everywhere you go, lend a helping hand when you can. Wishing you a beautiful and blessed year ahead, remember to give positive vibes only!

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