7 Amazing Quotes About Self Love

Self love just like every other positive lifestyle is easier said than done, but it is really important to love yourself to enjoy life as much as you can.

Here are 7 amazing quotes about self love to remind you to love yourself now and always:

1.  Love yourself so much, you will do anything for yourself!

2. Self love is the best love ever!

3. You are responsible for your own happiness, love and respect yourself.

4. Be confident, love everything about yourself.

5. Teach people how to treat you, by loving yourself first.

6. Let your love spread like an ocean, just make sure you come first.

7. Do what works for you without feeling the need to justify yourself to others.

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Nice list. Self love is important as taking care of yourself is taking care of others too really.

  2. All of those quotes are just so lovely. Self love is beautiful. We must recognize and learn it as as soon a s possible.

  3. I love the last quote. We don't need to explain to others why we need time off to care for our selves. I will "borrow" the quote and post it on my FB wall. (Will link to your blog too)

  4. Kristine Nicole AlessandraMarch 20, 2019 at 7:41 AM

    My mom always told me to put myself first. She said if I learn to love myself first, then and only then will I be able to love and care for others I hold dear to my heart. She is definitely right about that. Thanks for sharing these quotes about self love.

  5. I really loved the last one. We shouldn't have to justify taking care of ourself to others. We cannot fully love others unless we can love ourselves and see our own personal value.

  6. No.7 is so true! So any times, we feel that we have to justify our reasons to others. So long as it's hurting no one, we shouldn't be obligated to. Also, we are responsible for our own happiness always. Do what makes you happy!

  7. Self love is really important for me the 6 point define it for me.

  8. I love all these quotes especially - Do what works for you without feeling the need to justify yourself to others.
    It is so true.

  9. These are all such amazing quotes! Self love is so easy to talk about but so hard to actually practice.

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